Candle Care

Taking care of your candles not only prolongs their lifespan but also ensures a safer and more enjoyable burning experience. Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your candles and create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

  • Burn

    Soy Wax has a 'memory' - when you first light your candle, make sure you have it lit until the wax pool covers the entire surface (1-2 hours), this will teach the candle to burn evenly across, improves scent throw and extends the burning time. 

  • Safety

    Please remember, candles must be burned away from drafts and on a stable heat resistant surface. Never burn your candle on or near anything flammable, or for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Discontinue burning when approx. 1cm of wax remains.

  • Trim

    Ensure your candle wick is always trimmed between 0.5-1cm to prevent smoking and soot buildup.

  • Storage

    ​Keep candles out of direct sunlight and do not store in temperatures over 27 degrees.